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First impressions are always important, especially in Los Angeles.  In the legal industry first impressions play a big part in standing out from the competition. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on the design and construction of law office interiors to create an image that is far superior to the competition.

A typical full floor law office, shown in the plan below, indicates the high design areas in blue, administrative & support areas in light brown, lighting elements in yellow, and corridors in white.  The high design areas are the focus of this article as these are the areas that separate you from the competition.  The most important areas to consider when designing a law office are the entryway & elevator lobby, reception desk & waiting area, conference room, and ceiling elements.  As you can see in the plan you can only access the administrative areas of the office through the high design areas.  When choosing finishes, furnishings, and construction materials the high design areas should absorb a healthy portion of the construction budget.  Essentially, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working with 5,000 square feet or 50,000 square feet of space; if you chose the right building footprint you can mask the overall size of your law office to appear as large and powerful as you would like.  This is an important point to consider as this whole process starts with choosing the correct commercial real estate broker to locate your new law office.


Elevator Lobby, Reception Desk, & Waiting Area

The entryway to your office will depend on the amount of space you have leased in the building.  If your law firm leases a full floor in a building you will most likely have an exclusive elevator lobby.  If your law firm leases a portion of the floor you will most likely share the elevator lobby and your office entry will be off a common corridor. For discussion purposes, this article refers to a full floor tenant.

When negotiationg the lease on a full floor in a class A office building you will usually have the option of designing the elevator lobby that leads directly to your receptionist and waiting area.  This is important, as it’s the first thing your clients will see when exiting the elevator cab (Note: when space planning your office you should locate the reception desk on the side of the elevator lobby that has the best view).  As you can see in the photos below many architectural features and finishes have been incorporated to achieve a high-design look and feel.  We strongly urge our clients (if budget allows) to utilize our design team to design a custom reception desk, in lieu of purchasing a standard furniture piece.  We work with custom millworkers, which use our design drawings to build a custom reception desk that will give you the wow factor your firm is looking for.


Main Conference Room & Ceiling Elements

It’s very important that the largest conference room (sometimes referred to as the boardroom) be visible from the reception waiting area.  This will give your law office an intimidating look, as it will appear that this is where the largest deals are handled.  There’s a lot of thought that goes into the conference room elements (conference table, chairs, custom millwork storage, a/v equipment, lighting, ceiling elements, motorized window treatments, frameless glass partitions, entrance doors, flooring, etc.)  It’s best that a professional is consulted to handle the design and construction management.  The below conference table and credenza were designed and custom built by a millworker.  If budget allows this is the route to go, but there are also cost affective ways to achieve a similar look.

As you can see in the photos below, all ceiling elements are aligned with other architectural elements to establish a sense of purpose.  When ceiling elements are placed in arbitrary locations your eye tends to catch this when scanning the room.  Next time you are in an office space pay close attention to the layout of the ceiling.  When items like exit signs, lights, HVAC diffusers, speakers, etc. are placed in an arbitrary locations it gives the space a sense of an unorganized design.


Administrative Areas

Depending on the budget you will either custom build the workstations for the administrative support personal or purchase pre-manufactured workstations and files.  Please note that disposing of pre-manufactured office furniture is labor intensive and depending on the type of product it may end up costing you money to have this relocated or disposed of.  The below photos indicate custom millwork workstations and files.  A common ratio used to determine the amount of assistant stations is 1 to 3 (one assistant station per three private offices).


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