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Our Leasing Method Makes Us The Best Strategic Partner

If you are a company that is accustomed to receiving special attention, you don’t just need a real estate broker; you need a strategy.  Anyone who has engaged in a lease negotiation and office move can relate that the process is extensive, time consuming, and logistically challenging.  Aligning with the right representation to negotiate your lease and concurrently develop the office design/relocation strategy is important.  The biggest asset you can have as a lessee or buyer is for an experienced liaison to mange the process on your behalf.  However, very few have expertise in office leasing, office design, and the office relocation processes.

Redesign has developed an innovative leasing and relocation method that is extremely efficient and drastically reduces the chances of our clients encountering unpleasant scenarios once engaged in the leasing process.  As an exclusive Los Angeles tenant rep office broker, we are committed to providing conflict-free services as we believe it’s important for tenants & buyers to have the appropriate representation of their fiduciary interests.  When using our method you will be able to:

  • Evaluate Your Organizational Goals & Determine Your Space Requirements
  • Envision Your Next Space & Establish An Estimated Budget
  • Identify The Best Lease Or Purchase Scenarios
  • Accurately Quantify Tenant Improvement Cost
  • Compare Alternate Building Footprints From A Space Plan Perspective
  • Accurately Confirm Rentable & Usable Square Footages
  • Evaluate Tenant Fit-Out vs. Landlord Build-To-Suit Scenarios
  • Determine All Out Of Pocket Cost
  • Confirm The Quality Of Construction Work Being Provided
  • Be Less Stressed Allowing You To Focus On Core Business Activates

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Los Angeles Tenant Rep Office Broker 5 Phase Leasing Method Overview

I. Discovery & Strategic Planning – Understand and develop organizational goals, identify inefficiencies, model workflow, and develop preliminary budget.
II. Space Search – Survey property, compare possible sites both economically and through space plan analysis, negotiate lease & TI’s.
III. Design – Develop project team, project schedule, architectural design, furniture/fixture/equipment strategy, permits, and finalize pricing.
IV. Build – Onboard all vendors and set the tone for quality performance, observe work in progress to evaluate quality and coordination among vendors.
V. Occupy – Establish detailed move plan, logistics schedule, oversee the timely completion of all physical move events, & decommission existing origin.

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Los Angeles Tenant Rep Office Broker

5 Phase Office Leasing Method

There Is A Broken System And We Feel That There Is A Better Way

Factors including lease terms, space planning, furniture, design, construction cost, tenant improvement allowances, scheduling, equipment, and technology play a key role in any businesses financial plan.  Most office leases or building purchases are accompanied with a logistically challenging office build-out and relocation scenario.  Having a realtor find you a space and then being passed off to another vender during an integral project transition does not yield the most effective result.  Yes, real estate is a key component of the transaction but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.  There are several other vendors that will be engaged during the process (Lessor, Architect, Contractor, Lawyer, Furniture Vendor’s, Technology Vendor’s, Movers, etc.).  Not managing the big picture can put you in a bad position.  If you are a business that is accustomed to special attention, you should be provided with a service, not be brokered.  Our business model focuses on overseeing the entire process and engaging strategic 3rd party vendors at the appropriate times. I have developed a five phase leasing method and use this to customize a strategy proprietary to your company and then tactically engage the process on your behalf. We are industry experts and leverage our vendor relationships to develop a scenario and build a team based on your budget and needs.  Our leasing method provides true Los Angeles tenant rep office broker services to our Clients.  As your liaison, we proactively address problems, navigate the landmines, and pull out all of the stops creating a seamless process.