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Los Angeles office space planning firm DMF has extensive experience with office space.  Office space planning is a crucial element in building a solid foundation for any business. In essence this is the business plan for the construction of your office space.  Decisions regarding open office vs. private office layouts and center core vs. side core buildings affect you tremendously.  We are Los Angeles office space planning experts and have developed standard formulas and ratios to assist our clients with making these decisions.

We know that optimizing office space is crucial as it relates directly with your companies cash flow. Wasted space may limit future growth opportunities, which may result in the need to relocate prior to the lease expiration, potentially a very expensive exercise.  It is best to determine the space requirements and layout prior to signing a lease, but it’s equally as important if the space has already been acquired.

Determining the appropriate amount of office space for your company can be tricky. The amount of office space required will weigh heavily on the layout and design of the office. Generally, less space per employee is required if the layout is open office workstation based. However if the layout is private office based more space will be required.  Our Office Program will be our roadmap for the space planning phase.

If you are interested in having DMF help plan for your company’s future, please provide us with the information requested in the form to the right and one of our space planners will contact you.

Los Angeles Office Space Planning Services

  • Provide Multiple Location Occupancy Comparison Study
  • Develop Office Program & Identify Estimated Square Footage Requirements
  • Model Workflow & Identity Existing Inefficiencies
  • Evaluate Existing Site & Inventory Furniture
  • Develop Current & Future Office Expansion Analysis
  • Develop Detailed Office Relocation Plan (i.e. Move Matrix)

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